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Gaminguy is part of Secure Affiliate Media Pvt.Ltd. We’ve been covering gaming events for more than 9 years, and continue that legacy today with worldwide, around-the-clock news, features, esports coverage, hardware testing and game reviews on Gaminguy.com, as well as major yearly events including the IPL. 

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A website that offers reviews and news about current and retro gaming. We cover all major consoles and platforms, as well as other topics such as upcoming games and hardware. Not many other websites cover so many different subjects concerning video games.

If you are looking for reviews, news, and other information about various video games including PC games, video game reviews for different consoles like Nintendo or Playstation, or reviews for virtual reality related products like VR headsets then look no further. We cover all kinds of reviews and know the latest gaming trends.

We are a gaming website that is dedicated to providing the latest news and reviews of games. We rely on readers from all over the world to help us do this, by sending us their opinions on the games they have been playing .

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