How To Overcome Video Game Addiction-Symptoms And Treatment

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Addiction is an officially recognized disorder by the World Health Organization and it is classified as a pattern of persistent gaming behavior which may be online or offline. It shows itself as a loss of control over gaming, as well as an increase in the priority given to gaming to the point where it outweighs other life interests and everyday activities.

The continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative repercussion for someone with gaming disorder, they typically be showing significant defacement in personal, family, social educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning. Normally the pattern of gaming behavior will be apparent over a period of at least 12 months. In this article we fill focus primarily on the following points:

  • Causes of addiction to video games
  • Test yourself whether you have an addiction
  • The impact of addiction
  • Treatment or ways to overcome the addiction

Causes of addiction to video games

Video game addiction is caused by a couple of factors.

Game Designs

Games are designed to be what the industry would call engaging and entertaining and fun but in order to do that they have to increase the amount of time that you’re playing and capture your attention.

Games deploy different features like loot boxes and micro transactions to have you spending more money and that creates a greater attachment to the game.

Design plays an important role in keeping players hooked and is part of the cause of people developing problems with video game addiction.

Test yourself whether you have an addiction

causes of video game addiction

American Psychiatric Association classifies what they call internet gaming disorder based on a set of 7 different criteria.
Now, these can be really helpful to understand the severity of a situation but it’s important to share that if you’re concerned at all about whether or not you have a video game addiction please seek the help of a professional.


preoccupation with games this means you’re constantly thinking about games you’re counting down the hours till you can play again, and you’re finding it difficult to concentrate on other tasks because you’re constantly thinking about gaming.

so if you’re constantly thinking about games as the only source of yourself esteem the only place You may be meeting criteria for preoccupation.

Withdrawal symptoms

Are you finding yourself feeling more irritable when you’re not playing do you feel anxious or depressed? Do you feel sad? Do you experience mood swings? Do you have a great desire to play? Some people experience headaches when they stop playing video games; if you’re having withdrawal symptoms when you’re not playing, that could be a clue as well.


Tolerance means the need to play more and more in order to feel the same level of satisfaction that you once did when you were playing with modern games having a lot of different monetization schemes.

Tolerance can also signify that you need to spend more and more money on games in order to achieve the same degree of satisfaction.

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Failed attempts to quit gaming

If you’ve tried to stop gaming or you’ve tried to reduce your time and been unable to that might be a sign of video game addiction.

Loss of interest in other activities

Often when we’re struggling with a video game addiction we no longer have any interest in other activities that maybe we once did. Maybe you stopped going to sports maybe you no longer have any other hobbies. If you’ve lost interest in other activities, it could be a symptom.


If someone is lying about how much he/she is playing or spending money. If you’re lying about your gaming because you can’t be honest about it, that’s a strong indicator.

Playing games to escape or relieve a Negative Mind

it’s common to play games as a source of being able to de-stress but if you’re not going and dealing with your life and you’re just continuing to escape in the games then that might be something you want to watch out for.

The Impact of Gaming Addiction

Impact of gaming addiction

If you meet five or more of these signs in a period of the last 12 months then you might be at risk. If you struggle with a video game addiction it can have a devastating impact to your life.

  • It can affect your school performance you can maybe refuse to go to school or even drop out of college.
  • You may lose friends, lose face-to-face conversations, and feel quite socially isolated.
  • You may also experience mood swings, irritation, anxiety, sadness, and suicidal thoughts.
  • It can also cause sleep deprivation and insomnia and you can lose a lot of money and time and even struggle to be able to get or keep a job.

Now if you want to evaluate whether or not you have video game addiction you can go the game course calm and ask these different questions and evaluate the severity of your situation.

Treatment for video game addiction

Treatment for gaming addiction

Research shows that CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) has been proven to be able to help people reduce the severity of their video game addiction and there are also a lot of professionals and therapists who specialize in this issue.

If you go on game course calm we have a directory of specialists who are from all over the world who will be able to help you with your situation.

There are also some private residential centers and even a public rehab center in India that can help you to get rid of this addiction.

If you’re struggling with a video game addiction you’re not alone and a lot of help is available. Remember life is worth more than just getting glued to play video games. Never give up hope, reach out for help it will certainly save a life and boosts the energy to live up to your full potential.

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