Squid Game Token: Scam or Not?

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Squid Game Token: Scam or Not?

In this article, we’re going to discuss with you the two tokens that are currently scams, and trust us we stumbled on this token when we were actually browsing on Facebook.

We were on our Facebook news feed and we just stumbled on it and we were just surprised like what the hell is this but trust us this token uh scam if you actually invest your money in the token or you decide to pay any money to any of these token owners trust us you’re just going to waste your money.

Squid game token

We are basically talking about squeegee tokens. So there are two types of scripts again and we are going to explain everything like we said this token is actually a scam so this is one this is quick token this is another one squid token as you can see both of them are actually scams.

So basically as you can see this is the first URL we are going to start with one as you can see this one said the token is actually squid token and imagine the logo is squid game why is it still squid game we know it the movie is a quick game but why is sunscreen hiding squeaky at least it’s supposed to look something like squid this one kind of um looks somehow legit but trust us it’s still scam.

As you can see here they also said it’s listed on pancake swap or whatsoever trust us, it will never be listed on any of those whatever the dimension like coin gecko markets going market cap listing and co it will never be listed. Most of all these things are just people trying to rip you off your money they will tell you to buy this tells you to do this you know the ending at the end of the whole stuff then they’re just gonna surround you with your money.

Let’s take a look we think they don’t have downtime you guys can see they said buy squid token on pancake swap once you buy all these things trust us you’re just going to lose your money.

Crypto game token

Sweet game is actually a is actually a movie that doesn’t mean that you can actually make money with just someone bringing out the random name and saying yes you can make money with it or you can buy a squid token it’s actually fake total fake you guys to read the about section you see welcome to squid game talking it’s okay with even poor people whatever buy on pancake swap once you click on the link it takes you to no page as you can see it takes you to the page actually .

They might actually even as you can see it’s on they actually jump drop the link to their telegram um channel yes and if you scroll down you just can just keep on seeing some random stuff that are actually fake as you can see this link to that telegram channel and once you join the telecom channel they’re going to tell you to send in uh amount some amount of whatever coin they are requesting for to their address then from there they’re going to familiar with you .

Squid Token Scam

So this second link is as you can see this economy actually gave you a contact contract address and everything they also said um the same thing join telegram and whatsoever and yeah let us put this all stuff and yeah participate with one and win under bnb so what they are saying here is you have to send them one bnb to win android bnb once you send them trust us you are getting zero as you can see this is so funny they said the team they actually listed all those players and squid game how can all display us be the owner of the token actually he says this is calm this is total scam trust us you don’t want to risk this you can actually .

if you actually just want to send or waste your money on the on the owner of this platform you can go ahead and send the person on one bnb but trust us this is actually scam and you don’t want to waste your money on this set token again symbol .

We actually checked this on pancake swap yeah yeah pack this up and we saw that it’s kind of like the contract address is available but that doesn’t mean that you can actually um make any fortune with this, it is just a scam okay trust me you don’t want to get ripped off your money.


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