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So, finally, PS5 is here let’s open the box we are way too excited. Here is our Indian variant with a complete one-year warranty. play like never before some people will remember their ex after this, who played with you. rest there is nothing left on the box let’s open it asap .firstly the primary box then another box here the beautiful PlayStation symbol. Lets open this to another box one power cord and 2 manuals so lengthy have a look If we had studied so much in school.

We got one HDMI cable and a PlayStation stand this controller feels so good, so heavy It has a lot of sensors which we are going to check later. it feels bulk packaging seems like an egg tray here the PlayStation logo but it is not printed.

We can put our finger inside this front side that feels like matte texture, and the middle strip is glossy plastic We purchased the blue-ray edition and the reason is that in this we can purchase a particular game disk and play it, even used disks. Just search for a game on OLX and buy it.


Now We are very excited to let’s test it then we will see you after 2 days. We received it yesterday and we are continuously playing games by now. just slept at night it’s now 9 in the night. Now we can explain our experience, why is it worth the price? and why people are running after this?

We will explain everything whether you are buying a console for the first time or you just want to know about consoles in detail what actually consoles are can they run only games? and why are they different from computers and why the current generation PS5 is so different. why is it hyped? what all is different in this PS5.. everything will be covered in the article. First of all, comes to the specifications If you wish to see only specs you can search it on Google, you will get everything there and I’m not talking of specs because there is no option of customization same console for everyone. therefore specifications don’t matter only 2 options are there, 1. digital version 2. blue-ray version We have the blue-ray version .r

Rest of the technical specs are the same for all now let’s come to the ports. at the front, there is 1 blue ray disk port 1 USB 2.0 port, and 1 type C USB 3.2 port and on the backside 1 power input port,1 HDMI port,1 RJ45 LAN port, and 2 USB 3.2 ports it consists HDMI 2.1 so it supports up to 8K 30FPS gaming but as per my opinion, In a good console 4K gaming is enough,4k 60FPS is more fun BTW.

PS4 was locked on 30FPS 60FPS was available only on limited games. and yes, it supports ray tracing as well, we will talk about it in the gameplay section of the video. PS5 Comes with WiFi V6 and Bluetooth V5.1 now let’s come to its weight. Don’t go by the looks, you might be assuming its weight to be the same as that of a gaming laptop, maximum 3 kgs, but it weighs 4kgs, but you will not carry the console, so let’s don’t discuss the weight. and the controller also weighs 280 grams and reason for that is it consists of a lot of haptic motors. and the vibration feedback is amazing looks are also very attractive.


It doesn’t seem to be a console by its looks it seems to be a big strange object when kept on the table a lot of memes were made on this but it is a kind of futuristic design and looks so cute. in the same price range, let’s consider a PC or a laptop.

Assume the price to be around 50K and a 4K monitor along with it you will obviously need a 4K monitor for 4K gaming if you have a 4K TV then assume only 50K otherwise 4K monitor will cost you 20-25K. in case don’t have a monitor you should assume a total of 70-75k.

so 70-75k worth pc/laptop and same for console obviously pc/laptops will not perform that much better as compared to Console in the same price bracket. In gaming performance, PS5 is definitely the winner now comes the main highlight of the console, its controller dual sense 5, previously it was a dual-shock, but now It’s dual sense dual “sense” because you can feel the senses some of the games are extremely optimized for PS5 some titles are not available yet in backward compatibility you will not enjoy dual sense to the fullest you will have to purchase current generation games that are specifically launched for PS5 .

For example, Valhalla, resident evil village, miles morales the experience is really immersive you can feel all type of movements, all type of sounds controller also has a speaker and along with that the haptic feedback We don’t have words to explain it you have to purchase or else you can play on someone else’s PS5.

We are really impressed by this. just like the PS4 controller used to connect to the PC, this also connects the same way the same DS4 method for details.

The controller has a speaker in the middle-high pitch sounds can be heard from the speaker too it has a mic ON/OFF Button for in-game mic switch ON/OFF on the bottom side there is a doc charging port. and also a headphone jack in the bottom itself at the front you get a type C port which supports fast charging battery backup is quite amazing.

We got approximately 5-6 hours back up after a full charge after that comes the UI i.e. User Interface it has been upgraded a lot as compared to PS4 PS4 had a crowded and confusing OS, but this one is very simplistic and fast, just due to an 825 GB SSD but you get approximately 670 GB free space after the installation of OS according to me storage is not enough but you can obviously store games in an external drive one feature that PS5 lacks is it does not comes with different themes.


PS4 had an option to change themes and also download some via PS store but PS5 has no option for themes, but that is justified because the kind of app which you click on, like if you click on spiderman theme will change to spiderman home page changes according to the games some of you might think that PS5 is only for gaming but you can also do other activities in PS5 for example, there is a media gallery which has all the photos, achievements you can record games in 4K and can directly transfer the files to your PC

It has a feature called share factory studio you can do video editing, photo editing in this not as efficient as in PC or Laptop but providing this feature in console is very interesting import any video through USB and then start editing there are a lot of effects, overlays in the app this is a very advanced feature despite for a console on Main Page, there is an option for media beside the games

It contains a lot of apps such as netflix,amazon prime,apple tv twitch,youtube and all the popular content will appear itself we have downloaded youtube,amazon prime and spotify so there are a lot of things you can experience on a console like gaming,netflix everything is there even keyboard and mouse connectivity is also there for the games which support them now .

We are going to tell you about the gaming experience We will not just show you how games are running, but We will share my experience,advanced features if you are planning to purchase a PC/laptop specifically for gaming purposes then we will explain why you should go only for PS5. as of now we are playing spiderman miles morales In this there is a graphics mode fidelity/performance in fidelity you will get 30FPS with ray tracing on in performance you will get 60FPS but ray tracing will be off but only for this game there is one more mode performance + ray tracing currently the game is running on fidelity mode with ray tracing on as you can see the my complete reflection is showing up in the mirror now it’s running on performance mode you might have guessed now as you can see there is no reflection in the mirror.


Now it’s running on performance + ray tracing we’re getting 60FPS + ray tracing as you can see we are playing on 60FPS with ray tracing on, you can see the mirror this feature is only available on this game on other games there are only 2 modes we always prefer 60FPS in this game as you can see in the end it is hard to press the trigger and if we minimize the game then we can press the trigger smoothly now let me open the game see it’s stuck here these triggers adapt according to the games .

You are playing and to explain this COD cold war is the best game. you can see my trigger is stuck here, we have to apply a lot of pressure as now we have a Shotgun so It has become very tight a lot of pressure is required it feels so good and realistic .

COD cold war supports upto 120FPS, as you can see 120Hz but this is supported only for some games currently it is running at 60FPS because we are playing on a 60Hz monitor 4K 60FPS with ray tracing on now we have an AR gun you can see our trigger is vibrating according to the bullets after minimizing the game trigger has become really soft and in the game it adapts the trigger accordingly and this adaptive trigger is supported only on few limited games that are launched for PS5 some of the PS4 games are also updated .


For example LAST OF US in that the ray tracing and haptic feedback features has been added after that a significant highlight “ASTRO PLAYROOM” this has been added to enjoy the controller everything has different vibrations We are holding the controller when the icon passes by right side right side starts vibrating and when the icon passes by left side left side starts vibrating it has a 3D experience all the high pitch sounds can be heard from this speaker as well now it’s showing up adaptive triggers we are pressing but it is still stuck which means whole trigger has a sensor after pressing tightly it vibrates accordingly complete right portion and my trigger both are vibrating when we press both we can experience it the same.

You can see on the screen we can’t explain it you yourself have to experience it touchpad is also very responsive although, PS4 also had a touchpad… but this is one is extremely responsive it also supports dual touch now comes the motion sensor, which comes with various vibrations as you can see these objects have entered the controller we can hear them as well as feel that they are inside the controller after shaking it vibrates for sometime then stops.

Now we will blow air in the mic, as you can see these objects have started coming out of the controller now this sound is directly coming through the speaker as you can hear now we will mute the speaker and you can hear the sounds coming from the controller’s speaker all high pitch and immersive sounds come through the controller now this is the sound of the controller it creates a weird experience at the time of gaming .

BEST PS5 IN 2021

We can also feel some vibrations we can properly feel that someone is walking when he jumps every sound is coming from the controller along with vibrations we are unable to tell you about my experience with the controller until you use it,unless you get a real time experience that’s a next level change in console gaming you can yourself see that we are trying to explain but we can’t now let’s talk about the cons major con which we and lot of people are having is with the disk sometimes the disk doesn’t comes out we have reads blogs and watched blogs many people have got this we have the option to replace but amazon in offering refund not replacement

Then we spoke at the sony centre they said you will get replacement after the lockdown or anytime within the warranty period of 1 year sony offers only replacement in case of PS5.Your console will be replaced if you have any issues your console will be replaced second major con is that the web browser is not available on PS5 which was available on PS4 there are some options for the web browser in the settings .

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