Ryzen 5 5600H GTX 1650 | Full Review | Legion vs Nitro

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This one is the lenovo legion 5 with Ryzen 5600H variant Some of you are saying that we will purchase the laptop only after we review it. The laptop comes in this kind of box, Nitro 5 written at the center and Acer branding at the bottom. We are having the black color model with me.

You will be getting a power cord, One 135W power adapter, A lot of documentation, And some stickers. It comes in very good packing, Which protects it from any kind of damage. Before talking about the laptop let’s quickly have a look at the specifications. It comes with Ryzen 5 5600H processor which has 6 cores and 12 threads and it is based on ZEN 3 architecture.

GTX 1650 GDDR6 Graphics card, 8Gb 3200MHZ RAM, 1TB HDD (7200 RPM) and 256GB SSD. Keep this in mind as we will compare it to legion in between. In legion, you get 5400 RPM HDD so in that case, Nitro is better. The top lid is of plastic with Acer branding at the center.

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Top lid flex is acceptable, The top lid looks so good. At the backside vents are present. On the backside, it has 2 exhausts with a red color outlining plastic and a power input port. The weight distribution is amazing it opens with just one hand. Keyboard flex is also not too much but okay.

Overall the build quality is good. If you can compare it to legion yourself then a review of Lenovo legion is available on my channel. According to our overview, the overall build quality of legion is better than this. And we are comparing this with legion as a lot of people told us to do so.

We are going to test the same 5 games in this as we did in legion So that you can compare the performance. Both these laptops are best in this budget, Legion costs Rs 68000 and this one costs Rs 72000. everything is similar in these laptops except the processor. We will tell you if going for this processor is worth it or not. On the left side, it has AMD Ryzen 5000 series and Nvidia Geforce GTX branding.

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On the right side, it has Nitro 5 branding along with some key highlights. Two notification LEDs on the top along with a DTS branding on the top right. It has a DTSX sound system software we will talk about it later, Currently, let’s have a look at the keyboard. As this is a 15.6 inches laptop you get a full-sized keyboard, W A S D, and Arrow keys are highlighted.

This keyboard comes with 4 zone RGB that you can change through the nitro sense software. Firstly let us explain nitro sense software in detail to you. You get this type of interface, Here you can control the fans, And below it, there is an option for a power plan. In power-saving mode, its clock speed locks at 1100 MHZ, Which leads to reduced performance but you will get better battery backup.

On the top right you get an option for keyboard, If you want static light you can customize it. You can set different colors in all 4 zones, We set red in the first zone, yellow in the second zone, Green in the third zone, and pink in the fourth zone. As you can see all 4 zones have been customized. In dynamic, Different options such as breathing, wave, etc. are available This is how the breathing effect looks.

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Here are some extra features, You can also change the keyboard settings to 30 seconds or off. Options for locking stick keys and windows keys are also present, which are used in gaming. So overall nitro sense software provides a good variety of features, And now if we compare this laptop with Lenovo legion. Legion has a single color backlit keyboard and its keyboard quality is better than Acer Nitro 5. Trackpad quality is also good in this laptop.

One thing that we noticed, Keyboard lights are visible through the fans present below the laptop and air exhaust at the backside. Which definitely gives a pleasant look, We don’t know whether it’s done intentionally or not. This is DTSX ultra software which has different modes, You can change the modes according to your activities and games. And you can enable/disable it from here.

We will test the speakers after disabling the DTS ultra software. After this let’s talk about the ports, On the left side, there is a Kensington lock, one air exhaust vent, One RJ45 LAN port, Two USB Type-A 3.2 ports, One headphone, and a jack combo. And on the right, there is one Type C 3.2 port, One type A 3.2 port, an HDMI port, and an air exhaust vent. In the case of ports Legion and Nitro, both are similar.

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Nitro 5 doesn’t support display output through the type C port. it supports display output only through the HDMI port And the HDMI is connected to the external GPU. So, You will get good FPS on the external monitor. And the laptop’s display is connected to the IGPU, whereas legion’s display is connected to the external GPU. That means you will get good performance in legion as compared to Acer nitro if you play on the laptop’s display.

It has 15.6 Inches 1080P IPS display that comes with a 144Hz refresh rate, 250 nits brightness, and 45% NTSC i.e. 66-68% SRGB In terms of display also legion, and nitro both are exactly the same. It comes with a basic 720P webcam, So the next sample will be recorded with the webcam. This footage is recorded by the webcam, We are standing 2 feet away from the laptop Now let’s talk about future updates, One HDD slot is already occupied, One SSD slot is occupied with 256GB SSD One empty SSD slot is there, And 2 RAM slots are present out of which one is preoccupied.

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The maximum RAM capacity is 32 GB. This picture is of Nitro 2020 as we didn’t find any disassembled photos of nitro 2021. And we are not allowed to disassemble this one , but the pattern is the same only the processor has been upgraded.

It comes with a WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1. which is great This laptop also performed quite well in terms of battery backup. We got around 3-3.5 hours backup with Keyboard lights were turned off and display brightness around 50%.

We were using Youtube, exploring files, and surfing the internet. Rest it depends upon your usage. some people ask us why aren’t we getting good battery backup while gaming.

Please don’t play games on battery, Play games only when the charger is connected. Now, let’s test the sound, Let us give you a sample. Speaker quality is average. If compared to legion then legion has better speakers than this laptop.

Now let’s talk about the performance. We ran cinebench R23, Multicore score was 8763 points and the single-core score was 1334. So obviously, it is slightly better than the Ryzen 5 4600H. For productivity usage, you should go for Nitro 5 under 70-72K budget But if you want a laptop specifically for gaming, then you should go for Lenovo legion.

And don’t ask for a video editing test on gaming laptops, These high-end gaming laptops perform very well in video editing.

Minimum 4000-5000 cinebench score is considered good for video editing, i.e. you can even edit 4K videos on this laptop. now let’s jump to the gaming test after that we’ll talk about the final conclusion. All the games have been tested on the same settings as tested on Lenovo legion (1080P high settings).

Legion Laptop games testing

In valorant, We were getting less FPS but it was because of server issues. Because we played Valorant later but couldn’t record it but we were getting above 130 FPS. Some people are confused with MSI afterburner stats so let us quickly explain it to you. on the top, there is GPU temperature, After that GPU usage, Then the CPU temperature, Then CPU usage, and CPU clock speed.

After that RAM and then FPS. So let’s come to the conclusion, Overall the laptop is brilliant. It also comes with a 16GB RAM variant. We would suggest you to purchase the 16GB variant or you can purchase the 8GB variant and upgrade to 16GB. Because somebody told us that RAM frequency in 16GB variant was not 3200MHZ but somewhere around 2700MHZ. So We would recommend you purchase the 8GB variant and upgrade it to 16GB.

It doesn’t come with a mux switch, Through which we can switch the laptop’s mode between IGPU and EGPU. Overall thermals are good, but legion is outstanding in terms of thermals. Rest all the ports are enough. This was the complete review of this laptop .

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