What is Metaverse? Use Cases and Benefits

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What exactly is Metaverse?

Let’s learn about the Metaverse system through an illustration. Imagine that you own a pair of eyeglasses that could be used to augment the workspace of your room and you won’t be anywhere physically. Your workspace may not be real, but it could appear very similar to reality. Virtually augmented spaces will only get more real as Metaverse technology improves.

Metaverse is a space where the digital and hybrid spaces are co-existing. In simple phrases, Metaverse is a three-dimensional web-powered space that is based in AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality). Users of Metaverse can join in a virtual universe and engage in any activity accessible. Metaverse is an interconnected virtual world made up of digital objects, NFTs, avatars, and many more.

The latest development in Metaverse is also a sign that the technology will be a catalyst for IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and holographic avatars into the market. While these technologies are helping businesses succeed The real issue is what exactly does Metaverse bring to business? Let’s take a look!

What do you think Metaverse refers to for companies?

Metaverse is able to recreate the real world using cutting-edge technologies such as AR as well as VR. Metaverse is the next generation of social media and the internet, Metaverse offers various business opportunities for businesses across the globe.

For instance, in the near future;

  • Metaverse will bring advertising to a whole new level by creating unique storytelling experiences that are based on 3D technology.
  • The concept of interoperability in the Metaverse project allows companies to conduct and manage any event electronically.
  • Brands are able to interact with a global audience via Metaverse within the e-commerce business environment despite the geographical limitations.
  • Metaverse also works with digital wallets, that means companies can manage seamless transactions within the virtual ecosystem.

Metaverse is beneficial to companies in a variety of ways. It is widely accepted that each company will benefit from Metaverse applications based on their business model and user particular needs. According to the most recent survey from March 2022 over 17 percent of worldwide IT companies have made investments in the Metaverse. Other industries like Education, Finance, Healthcare and Marketing are preparing into the Metaverse between 9 and 12%..

These figures have helped make the Metaverse application and its popularity a prominent feature within the world of business. We are now well-versed about its locations. Let’s look at the possible use scenarios and the numerous advantages it brings.

Metaverse-related use cases across diverse Industries


As previously mentioned, Metaverse is a broad concept. Metaverse applications are utilized in all areas of importance, such as tourism, education, gaming as well as healthcare. More than 40% of VR and AR developments are built on the Metaverse method.

Let’s examine some of the key Metaverse examples and use cases that are applicable to various industries:

1. Gaming in Metaverse

Gaming is believed to be among the primary and most important investors in Metaverse technology. This technology allows gamers to communicate with other players within an interoperable and unified environment.

Popular games like The Sandbox, Sorare and Axie Infinity are just a few of the most popular Metaverse examples operating in the gaming industry online. Additionally, Axie Infinity currently possesses more than 350,000 daily active players and more than 3 million monthly players. In addition, Metaverse games have specific characteristics that make the user’s experience unique. A few of them are:

  • A full-fledged social setting that keeps everyone connected. This is what differentiates Metaverse gaming from similar VR games.
  • Metaverse’s application games also give the opportunity to earn and play cryptocurrency, so the economic requirement is also met.
  • The Metaverse structure is compatible game NFT assets in which permanent ownership is defined.
  • Metaverse is a mixed-reality experience that lets players effortlessly switch between different formats of communication in this virtual universe.

2. Travel and Tourism

Virtual tourism is among the most innovative uses of the Metaverse. The technology allows you to experience a trip in an immersive virtual world that is a plus for people who can’t travel for long distances. The Metaverse, as claimed by experts, is the development of digital experiences that are immersive using AR as well as VR represents the greatest technological breakthrough in the world of travel.

Through the 360-degree virtual tour you are not just able to view the place you’ve recorded, but be there digitally at the location you want to visit with real effects.

One very well-known example can be Thomas Cook launching the Virtual Reality Holiday “Try before you fly” which allows potential travellers to explore their dream locations virtually.

3. Education and Learning with Metaverse

The potential for education and learning that Metaverse offers is just as promising as the other applications. VR in conjunction with the effects from Metaverse has taken an experience of learning to a new level. Students are now able to watch live demonstrations with more intense and superior knowledge sources.

A recent video released in New York exhibits school students studying astronomy via an online spaceship instead of in the classroom. This is only the beginning of a new age of education. Metaverse is also able to eliminate language barriers , permitting students from all over the world to benefit through a single digital space without linguistic and social issues.

Another Metaverse instance is Mesh, a Metaverse-related platform developed by Microsoft which is a mixed-reality platform that allows faculty, staff and students to interact with their avatars in 3D. Mesh can be controlled using Microsoft Hololens, a wearable AIto take part in live and video-conferencing sessions.

4. Remote working

The major change in the traditional business model has been caused by the metaverse. Many companies are already operating within their own Metaverse virtual business model. Virtual office companies are Nike, Intel, YouTube, McDonalds along with emerging startups such as Gravity Sketch, and Upland.

Another Metaverse application for remote working is Virtual Reality training where employees are taught using a simulation. VR training is among the main Metaverse benefits that integrates corporate training with hands-on training in which employees have access to video tutorials, manuals, audios, and other digital environments.

In addition to training remote-working in virtual spaces communications and collaboration among workers through VR devices as well as remote meetings by using 3D avatars are among the most talked about trends in the field of digital working.

5. Real estate

One of the most important advantages that is unique to Metaverse is its capability to provide the user with the ultimate experience in virtual reality. It’s no surprise that the real estate market could be lucrative using Metaverse.

With Metaverse tours of properties Realtors don’t need to go to the property, and the buyers are not required to spend time travelling to numerous properties. In fact, potential buyers can go on an online tour and look at all options in real-time.

Additionally, the virtual tour also has a virtual tour that Metaverse is able to modify to the user’s needs as well as taste and style. Real estate is also eager to invest in Metaverse application development that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of realtors and demands.

6. Healthcare

Use cases of the Metaverse in healthcare have created new avenues for providing services at a lower cost with better outcomes. Telemedicine and Telehealth is an idea that was sparked by the post-pandemic Metaverse where doctors and patients are able to interact via Virtual 3D-based clinics.

Therapy is a different Metaverse application that allows patients to travel into a calm digital world in the time of panic or anxiety.

The latest Metaverse apps are improving the health of people with digital exercises as well as therapy. Another example can be found in that of the Digital Twin technology that is powered by Metaverse which allows a patient’s digital representation to be made to study treatments and drugs.

7. Finance and Banking

Metaverse applications in banking are often under-appreciated, but they are growing and reaching new levels. The banking metaverse provides an all-round view of banks in physical geographical location. Even if you do not have an VR headset however, you are able to use the Metaverse banking via your mobile or laptop.

Metaverse could be considered the most significant benefit in the banking sector from the perspective of Blockchain, NFT marketplace development as well as other Cryptocurrency DeFi assets.

The experts claim that the Metaverse banking system is an improvement over net banking, where clients can use the same benefits but with an enhanced experience and visualization of data.

8. Entertainment and social media

Metaverse to social media has been a recurring concept that has completely transformed the entertainment experience for viewers on the internet. Users are now communicating with virtual avatars using digital replicas.

Another example is that Facebook has changed its name to Meta, which is an obvious indicator of huge commercial opportunities within the realm of digital media.

In the same way, Metaverse applications are implemented in the eCommerce and fashion industries and sports industries, and very soon, Manufacturing IoT as well as supply chain industries.

As technology advances to new areas and industries Why not find out the ways that businesses across different industries are able to profit from Metaverse?

The Top Metaverse benefits for companies

Metaverse has a myriad of advantages for all kinds of companies. It has enabled a virtual world that is a part of the real-world audience that was a nebulous idea 10 years ago. It is therefore crucial for businesses of today to research possible advantages and disadvantages of the Metaverse to be able to make well-informed decisions.

The Metaverse benefits include:

Engaged users

Metaverse offers a brand new experience for users who use the internet. If your company is prepared to provide a Metaverse user experience for your clients, you stand a chance of building a more active and engaged customer base for your company. There are endless options you can provide your customers with everything from arcade-like experiences, to VR showrooms.

Virtual event opportunities

Live performances of your favourite artist might not be as exciting when it’s on screen in a metaverse setting. It is possible to even create virtual events for customers to give them a sense of being at home in their preferred location.

Museums and galleries are also able to move to the Metaverse radar in order to get the attention they are due. In a recent event that took place, an NFT avatar exhibition was staged in which 300 unique avatars were sold in just a single day.

Sell and display the products

Businesses and eCommerce companies are using Metaverse extensively to allow customers to test glasses, clothing, furniture, and much more for a more enjoyable experience. Businesses can also open stores to showcase their products and services online, with the possibility of a huge number of new customers being added to their target.

Innovative advertising

As we mentioned earlier, Metaverse has introduced a brand-new approach to storytelling to help & build a unique recognition and a brand’s identity. Metaverse transforms storytelling into “story living” in which the audience won’t be an inactive listener but a participant who makes decisions regarding your offerings.

Transactions that are simple

Cryptocurrency and Metaverse are inextricably linked. The digital age demands digital money , and it’s now much easier to use by using digital wallets and crypto. Users do not need to connect accounts with banks in the Metaverse and payment options are just one tap away.

The examples above and the benefits of Metaverse provide us a general understanding of what Metaverse actually is and how it functions for companies and organisations. As time passes it will become an integral part of our life. Although early versions of Metaverse are in the process of being tested for different industries as well, it’s now time for businesses to move ahead and adopt Metaverse technology to improve their business.

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