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Life is Strange: True Colors is all about emotional connections. Anger, sadness, fear, joy – these are feelings that we all experience sooner or later. When you feel such a deep feeling, it can sometimes be overwhelming and cause you to act in certain ways or influence your actions. But they can also connect us and help us build relationships with each other. As protagonist Alex Chen, Deck Nine explores how emotions can guide us, sometimes divide us, and, more importantly, unite us through the power of empathy.

Through the way it allows you to effectively connect and relate to the character of Haven Springs and to Alex herself, empathy opens a window to the feelings of others in interesting and sometimes even abstract ways and allows you to directly control Alex’s journey. . For a series that has so much heart and characters that you can easily connect, making empathy a power is so suited to the world of Life is Strange and Alex as a character. 

For me, the emotional and character-driven stories are what makes Life is Strange such a special series, and the experience of navigating Alex’s journey is made even more impactful and effective thanks to the cast’s fantastic interpretations. .

 By being able to bring characters to life using whole-body motion capture technology, True Colors shows what the next generation of the series has to offer.

With more nuanced and expressive animations, you can easily feel what Alex and Haven Springs are feeling just through their body language and facial expressions, and it really takes the look of Life is Strange: True Colors to another level. 

From every subtle eye movement to the way Alex poses awkwardly when he first meets someone he doesn’t know, he says so much without words, and it makes me incredibly excited about what the future holds. reserve for the series. will have life is Strange: True Colors review  In the opening moments of Life is Strange: True Colors, Alex crosses a bridge to Haven Springs on the precipice of change. 

After being in foster care, it’s a chance to take a new direction in his life and start over in small-town Colorado, where he is set to reunite with his brother Gabe after eight years. the older brother feels thanks to a bright blue aura surrounding him. 

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Thanks to Alex’s power, she can listen to Gabe’s inner thoughts, which mirror the strong emotions she is feeling at the time. It is in that first moment that I realize how much this new power puts Alex, and by extension you, in a unique position as an observer of those around you. 

You can tell how a person is feeling and use that information to help them, better understand why they are behaving in a certain way, or even manipulate their emotions in certain cases, for example when you see someone with a small sphere in the eye. above her indicates that she feels some strong emotion from which you can tap and read.

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During certain moments in the game, you will have the opportunity to explore and find collectible memorabilia with your power these memories also have an aura that will tell you how the person was feeling at that time.

While there are plenty of occasions where the Empathetic Power Mechanic comes into play with the immediate cast of characters throughout the story, there are also instances where you can use it to gain insight into the situation and of the lives of the smaller NPC residents around the main road. Haven, which also gives you an added incentive to explore. 

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With characters like two people struggling to admit their feelings for each other to someone stressing out about their local business and more, the power of empathy opens a small door in everyday life. of the small community, which makes it so alive. . The crux of the story of Life is Strange: True Colors revolves around the death of your brother Gabe during your stay in Haven. 

When Alex decides to investigate his death, power also comes into play in a useful way, as you can get a better idea of ​​people’s true motives and their feelings below the surface. 

Much like previous Life is Strange games, you’ll be presented with plenty of choices to make during Alex’s journey, along with different dialogue responses to deciding how to handle different situations and relationships. Some of the more compelling choices often come into play when your e

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