Kena: Bridge of Spirits Review 2021

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A Great Place to Start After intriguingly plunging into Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal event last year (doesn’t that seem so far away?), Kena: Bridge of Spirits has stucking the minds of action-adventure and 3D platform fans ever since. now, a few delays later, the game is here – not just on PlayStation 5, but also on PS4 and PC (via Epic Games Store). We- or should I say  I don’t mean to speak for you -haven’t seen a ton of Kena’s larger gameplay footage since that initial presentation with the awesome CG animation, to the point that In the absence of explosive total marketing, some people have filled the gaps with well-meaning but unrealistic expectations that skyrocket. It bears repeating that Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a small group production. Return spiritual mail to its rightful home Kena: Bridge of Spirits (PS5 [review], PS4, PC) Developer: Ember Lab Publisher: Ember Lab Released: September 21, 2021, MSRP: $ 39.99.

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This wording may set off an internal alarm, but I’m really trying to get everyone in the right headroom for Kena. It’s really impressive what this team has managed to accomplish, especially visually and a lot of the players (myself included) will have a great time with them-I’m just afraid some people are preparing to be disappointed. If you’re expecting a triple-A adventure game with a fast-paced world to explore and lose yourself in for a few weeks, lots of meticulous puzzles to unravel, deep skill trees, always engaging traversal mechanics, plenty of Side quests, or other various big game bullet points, you’ll likely face a whiplash early in the game. Kena isn’t all of that. The budget and scope are not at this level. But there are times- say, every time I stop to take a photo of my mountainous surroundings, or every time a “movie-quality” footage pops up – when it’s so easy to forget. Let me set the scene first. In terms of plot, I quickly agreed: you play as Kena, a largely stoic but not silent guide spirit who is trained to help the dead release their pain and anger in this life so that they can fully enter into the next. These spirits are represented by wooden masks, which are carved for the deceased and symbolically intended to degrade in sync with the wearer’s transition into the spirit world. don’t waste time dragging yourself into the adventure. When the game kicks off after a textual exposure and a brief tutorial to familiarize yourself with the jump, attack, and dodge controls, Kena encounters a vengeful Masked Spirit who will clearly be the BigBad Menace,alongwith a pair of very young children who are mysteriously alone in the woods. At first, he also discovers a strange little creature with bright eyes – the first of many -who are collectively known as Rot. 

This name choice for such a pretty bunch of creatures definitely raised eyebrows, and without any spoilers, I continued to expect a (potentially inevitable) twist from them. When I first heard of Kena, the Rot brought up visions of Pikmin-type environmental puzzles, and while this game intertwines here and there, you can order the little ones to pick up a lost statue, invade an enemy (especially as a distraction) or cleanse the rust that has invaded the earth-not a one-on-one showdown at all. Really, the Burps are there for a big story, they serve as the main item to collect (there are 100 Burps to assemble, intotal) and boost Kena’s combat skills.

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Kena has a magic staff and lots of twisted tree creatures to hit him with. Enemies come in the form of a handful of distinct archetypes, ranging from shield holders who need a heavy slap, flying insects capable of firing shots and grouping together. around her, or larger brutes who like to charge Kena and put a lot of pressure on their prey. 

in Kena: Bridge of Spirits Most fights take place in small but frantic waves of enemies, and once you get rid of everything they’ll be gone forever, so you won’t have to worry about repetitions during the many opportunities to revert back to the hub and beyond. You will also find Cursed Chests, which can offer small rewards for, for example, defeating X number of enemies within a strict time limit. 

Overall, Kena has what I would call a “familiar “action-oriented offensive vibe -you’ll need to familiarize yourself with dodge rolling, especially during tough boss fights, and you’ll also need to develop a feel for the numbers. chain shots you can get away with before it’s time to bounce back.You’ll earn unlocks such as a Time Bomb(also used in puzzle rigs),Piercing Arrow, and Teleport Dash strike.

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