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INDIA VS PAKISTAN World Cup T20 2021 is the upcoming cricket world cup match that will take place in UAE.

The last World cup was played between India and Pakistan which ended up with an Indian victory. Will this trend continue?

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India has the most number of fans for the game which is about 33% of the world’s population.

The worldcup t20 2021 will be held in UAE. The two countries are the only ones to ever win this game, and India has won it five times, while Pakistan has won it once. It is said that India will do better because they have more cricket players than Pakistan.

With the upcoming world cup t20 2021, there is a lot of hope and excitement for both fan bases. Both countries have a strong cricket history and have proven their prowess in the sport time and again.

The indian cricket team has been one of the most successful cricket teams in history .

In contrast, Pakistan has not won any world cups but they have been consistently making it to the top half of teams, which is more than what can be said about India’s performance in recent years.

As such, we can say that both countries will be looking for this tournament as their shot at glory.

Indian versus Pakistan match is in every case extremely invigorating in every one of the tournaments. India and Pakistan have played 12 matches in the ICC cricket world cups. India won all the matches. The last experience between these two most outstanding opponents was played in the ICC World Cup 2019. Indian group dominated this game by 89 runs.

The ICC cricket World Cup is the second most famous game occasion on the planet after the FIFA World Cup and Rugby World Cup. The cricket match played in the ICC World Cup among India and Pakistan is consistently a high voltage match. India consistently crushed Pakistan in the World Cup match either in the 50 over design or in the T-20 World Cup. India crushed Pakistan multiple times in the 50 over configuration and multiple times in the T-20 organization.

The cricket match among India and Pakistan is the most pursued game in any competition. Indeed, even cricket specialists term this game as significant as the last of the competition. There are 12 World Cup tournaments being held till date. Out of which 5 are being held in England. Britain is the main country that facilitated the World Cup multiple times and lost 2 finals.

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