How to Build a Successful Career in Gaming

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Do you know gaming industry is going to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12% by 2025? By the end of 2020, the industry generated revenue of $160 billion, which is surpassing the combine revenue of movies and sports Industry. This proves that how big a global industry is. It has become the biggest money maker machine in the entertainment industry and people also build career in gaming and in the next five years it is going to become a 300 billion dollar industry.

See, if this Gaming Industry has the potential to generate so much revenue, can it be lacking in Jobs and making profit. Not at all, so I am going to give a complete guide on how to make a career in Gaming.

If we see such the whole picture, then there are five major domains or five ways to make a career in gaming.

Five Major Domains to build career in gaming

Game Streamer/Entertainer

In this domain you can make your career as a Streamer,  it can be on YouTube Streamer, Twitch streamer or any other streaming platform which you opt to use.

There are two ways in streaming through which you can get an identity:

Firstly, you have to display your skills in a game so that people visit to your streaming to attain those skills. (For example: Ninja)

Secondly,if you want to pull crowd towards your stream try to put in some humour. This will entertain the people in addition to learning the skill of a game. To sum it up ,your stream will get recognition sooner than expected. The best example in this case is Carry Minati. Do not hesitate if you do not possess such a good sense of humour,you can work on it and get better with each attempt.

Career in professional Gaming Development

Game Development includes all the things that altogether combine and build a game. There are many different job titles in this domain. So, you cannot work alone in it, probably you will need a team to function better.

This domain may require artist, Game Developer, Animator, Game Designer, Facial Expert, Audio

Engineer, Visual Artist, VFX Artist, Story Writer, 3d Designer, Character Designer and many more.

Before starting in this domain, you have to take care of one thing that you have to know any one skill related to domains like animation, story writing etc.

Professional Gaming

Professional gaming includes all those players who play competition games time to time called “E-sports Player”. To grow in this domain, you have to understand that now you can’t afford to play games only for fun but put all your efforts to excel in it.

To begin with start focusing in online games like Call of Duty, Counter Strike, APEX Legend, Pub G etc.

To become a professional  E-sports player you can use PC or even your mobile phone but I’ll recommend you to use a PC.Regularly practice these games on daily because in an E-sports competition, you will be competing with lots of professional gamers.

Start a Gaming company

You would require either of these two things, enough money to invest so that you can open your own gaming company or enough skills in gaming development that you can develop your own game with your gaminguys.

Another option may be that your gaming company works on a project of any other big gaming company. Because from time to time big companies take help of small gaming companies to outsource their work. So you can generate your company revenue by completing the projects of other companies as well.

Gaming Development Instructor

This domain will be beneficial for you only when you have reached a certain level  in the process of game development or when you have acquired enough skill and confident enough to pass this skill to others.

Now, it may be that you are teaching people to work on gaming engines, or you are teaching them the programming of the game, animations, graphics etc. So,these are the five domains in which you can build your illuminating career.Gaming industry has an advantage of being one such career path that overlaps with other conventional career paths like finance, marketing, and operations. Gaming industry has opened new doors for the aspiring gamers to take it up as a career and have a successful future in it,rather than just playing games for pleasure. Gamers make good money out of it and also fulfill their dream of pursuing passion as a career

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