Cheapest CAPTURE CARD | ₹ 1000/- ONLY

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In this article, We will talk about the cheapest capture card. And this can be very necessary for you if you are Buying a PC, Laptop. Nowadays, everyone wants to stream. Whenever somebody talks about a capture card, You might be thinking about buying Elgato HD60 S or HD60+ Only then we can stream. But we have an alternate for you. This capture card cost around Rs 1000.

Cheapest Capture Card

And you can do every task with this that you can do with the Elgato capture card. Now will ask that Elgato costs Rs 15000 and this one costs 1000. How can they be the same? Here you can see 1080 60 is mentioned. But this is not true. It is mentioned on every product but the output is not 1080 60. These all give an output of 1080 30. This is the first drawback and the second is on main Elgato you get Type C input. And audio input here makes this capture card brilliant and this also gives 60 frames output. That is why this is expensive.

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You can check that out. And if you are a beginner and you don’t know how to set up OBS and how to set up Streamlabs, etc.In this article, we will learn to set up the capture card with the smartphone. You will understand most of the things In this article only. You won’t be confused about setting up the console and dual PC after this article. The procedure for Dual PC setup is the same as Elgato.

Currently, we will explain phone setup. Because many people are searching for this. And we will cover in-game voice chat as well as the Discord method in this article. Let’s see what kind of experience we get. First of all, let’s unbox this, This is the Capture card And some paperwork. Now we are on our set up, And we will set up this on my MSI laptop because it has a separate jack for headphones and mic (3.5mm).

So, It will be useful for PC users as well. First of all, We have to set it up on phone. We will show you the requirements for setting up on the phone Firstly, You will need a capture card. We have a Oneplus phone So we have Type C to HDMI. You will need this type of connector which includes an HDMI, USB port. The third one is not necessary but these two are.

Then you will need a soundcard, Make sure you get a soundcard with 3 jacks. Links for all these items are available in the description. Then you will need a basic AUX cable and one HDMI cable. Most importantly, You will need a smartphone. If you have an iPhone you can buy a lightning connector and for Type C You can buy this. Capture cards work in only those phones that support HDMI.

For example One plus 7 and above. iPhone 7 and above models. ROG 3, ROG 5, Samsung S8, and above models. We don’t know about Realme, Oppo, Vivo. it costs only 1000 rupees. So, You can buy and check whether your phone supports HDMI or not. This is our smartphone Oneplus 7 pro and these are other items required for setting up. Firstly, Let’s connect all this, Then we will move to Streamlabs.

First of all, Let’s take our capture card. This has USB 3.0. USB 2.0 capture cards are also available in the market. Don’t buy them. This has 3.0 which will provide real-time mirroring. We have connected the capture card with our PC after that we have the HDMI cable and connector.

We have to insert this end in the capture card, You can see we have connected HDMI with the capture card. You have to connect the other end of the HDMI to the connector. Now, this part of the connector is left. You have to connect this to your phone. Now, Soundcard and Aux cable are left. We have to connect the soundcard to the USB port in the connector. After connecting the light will blink.

Here you can see there are 3 outputs, One mic, One headphone/mic jack, and one headphone only. in the headphone/mic jack, you have to connect that earphone/headphone which you will use while playing. And in the headphone only jack you have to connect one end of the AUX and the other end of the AUX-in your PC. You can see the Mic/ Headphone port is different.

People having this will understand this but the people with a single port can use this. You can connect this and split the jack and then in the Mic portion you will connect the AUX. As we did on our PC. now comes the headphones. You have to make sure that you have a headphone with 3.5mm jack. USB headphones will not work. You have to connect that in this Headphone/Mic input. So, Our setup is complete.

We connected the Type-C connector to the phone, HDMI to the connector, and the other end of HDMI to the capture card. In USB we have connected the soundcard, In the soundcard, one headphone and one end of AUX cable are attached. Another end of AUX is connected to the PC. Some people might have come after watching others’ videos. In some articles, they haven’t used soundcards.

They just connected Type C to HDMI, Added audio in Streamlabs OBS and it starts working. But, In-game voice chat doesn’t work So, we have explained the in-game voice chat method. If you enable your mic in the game. Then also it will work.

Otherwise, you have to install discord on your friend’s phone. In this method that is not needed. Now, Let’s complete the Streamlabs setup. we have opened Streamlabs, We just have to add a new scene. My sound is being recorded separately through the camera. The first source that you have to add is the capture card. You have to press + and click on the video capture device.

Here, Our webcam is already added. So, we will click on add a new source and you can name the video capture device as “Capture card” Then we clicked on add source. Here comes the list. HD webcam, Droid source, etc. There is a source named USB video this is your capture card and it will be visible only when Your capture card is connected. We selected USB video and now this is done.

Now let’s connect the phone. Every movement phone will be visible here. We are playing a video but the audio is not audible, Because the phone’s audio has not been transferred there yet. For that click on add source, And then click on Audio input capture and enter any name. We are keeping it capture card audio. Then click on add source. here you will see all the devices.

Check which mic is being used for sound input because every PC has a different configuration. On our PC it is microphone Realtek, Select microphone and then clicks on done. Now you can hear the sounds as well on the streamlabs. We have decreased the volume let us increase. Now the phone’s audio has been transferred there. Now we will play games. We told you that you have to insert the headphone jack in the headphone/mic slot in the soundcard. The reason behind that was both microphone and headphones will work, and the HDMI audio Doesn’t get spoiled. This was the complete setup. Now let’s run the game and see the output. The second, method is the discord method, Some people would like to know that as well.

So we will tell you that after this. Because after setting up through this method that method becomes quite easy. My phone is giving 60 FPS output, But the output that you are watching is not proper 60 FPS, Game is running and we are getting the experience of 60 FPS but on stream, it will be displayed as 30 FPS because of the cheap capture card. The audio quality also may not be up to the mark. Killed. One more, we are recording our voice separately but the main problem that you will face after this setup is that now your microphone port has been occupied on your laptop.

So, You don’t have space to connect another 3.5 mm microphone. Usually, New YouTubers use Boya BYM1 or other mics with a 3.5 mm jack. So now what will you do? You can either buy a USB mic or you can buy a PC soundcard and connect the mic to it and then add it as a source on Streamlabs. You will need an external mic in this In-game voice chat method for sure because the headphone’s mic is being used in the game. For stream, you have to purchase a separate mic.

Now let’s talk about the Discord method. In that Soundcard is not needed at all. We will remove it. We have removed the soundcard as well as the AUX from the PC only our phone is connected through HDMI to the capture card. You can see the phone is connected and the audio was sent via AUX previously but now We will transfer the audio through HDMI. This is the place where we selected the capture card audio microphone.

Here, You will see one more option. i.e. Digital audio interface and it will be shown only when the capture card is connected. You will select digital audio and then click done. Now you can hear the sound of the video playing. There is no role of soundcard audio is transferred directly through the phone.

Now the audio, Video everything has been set up but now how will we hear the sound of the phone? if you plug in the headphones then HDMI audio will get disconnected. We want this sound on our PC, It is an easy method. Now you can hear the sound of the video playing on the phone. But we are not able to listen to it. To fix this click on the setting on the right corner. These are advanced audio settings, It might be somewhere else in OBS, we don’t know about that. You have to open advanced audio settings, This type of window will appear where you will see all the 4 audio sources

Now we have to open on the drop-down in front of capture card audio and click on “Monitor and output” Now It is monitoring the sound but we are also able to hear it because we have selected Output also Now the sound is coming from our PC as well. One thing that you have to make sure let me show you. you can see the audio is coming through the capture card that means this audio is audible on the stream. And Desktop audio is also coming as we are taking the output from it. So you have to disable the Desktop audio. Now Desktop audio is disabled, Only a single sound will be audible and there will be no echo on your stream.

Now let us show you a gameplay sample. There is one more advantage with this is that now your mic port is not occupied. So, You can use the mic of this headphone because it is connected to your PC. Now the mic issue is sorted. because in this method you will need only 1 mic whether you use an external mic or headphones. You won’t need 2 microphones like the previous method. 1 for talking and 1 for the stream. Our match has started. Damn! This was the complete setup. In-game voice chat as well as the discord method. We hope you all understood this.

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