Can Windows 11 Become Gamers Heaven With New Upgrades

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who don’t like full screen Windows gameplay is no longer a significant disadvantage in DX11/DX10 games.

Microsoft has pushed out the motherlode of Windows 11 updates to Insiders, which means there are a slew of interesting new features coming to the main OS soon. Some of these will directly effect PC gamers, or at the very least those of you who, for some bizarre reason, play in a window.

Microsoft promises that the new ‘Optimizations for windowed games’ included in the latest Windows 11 build would “substantially improve latency” when gaming in a window. Though the promise of Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) in a window is perhaps the most enticing of all.

G-Sync in the GeForce drivers, for example, can be activated in either full screen mode or full screen and windowed mode, depending on your unique driver settings. Beyond these driver-side adjustments, this Windows update should make it a little simpler to get by with smooth VRR.

Auto HDR in windowed mode has also been added, which was first offered on PC last year for full screen users. Where it is possible, it will upgrade an SDR game to HDR.

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DX10/DX11 games will be affected if the Optimizations for windowed games option is activated in your graphics settings. The same type of feature is already available in DX12 games.

How to activate windows game optimizations

Just keep in mind that you’ll need Windows.

  • To find these settings, download Insider Program (dev channel) version 22545 or above before they appear in a more stable Windows 11 release in the near future.

    Go to the Settings menu.
  • Default graphics settings can be found under System -> Display -> Graphics.
  • Turn on Windowed game optimizations by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.
  • Before the modifications take effect, you’ll need to restart any running games.

So, while I doubt many of you play in a window on a regular basis—and if you do, you’re a monster—perhaps one day you’ll run into a very unique graphics problem that prevents you from going full screen. It’s PC gaming, after all, and strange things happen.

These optimizations may also be useful in some unusual PC and simulation configurations.

In any event, there shouldn’t be any big drawbacks to playing in windowed mode any longer.

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