Asus TUF A15 RTX 3050 Review 2021

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We have Asus TUF A15 RTX 3050 with us today. Many people were confused that despite RTX 3050 But the processor is still Ryzen 7 4000 series. So should we buy this or not? You will get all the answers today in this article, Here is our laptop with One 180W power adapter and one power cord. Let me tell you the specifications. It has Ryzen 7 4800H processor with 8 cores and 16 threads, RTX 3050 with 75W TGP. 8 GB RAM with 3200 MHZ clock speed. 512 GB SSD. WiFi 6 and Bluetooth V 5.2 in terms of wireless connectivity. Now let’s have a look at the outers In the eclipse grey variant, you get the top lid in metal finish.

Asus TUF A15 RTX 3050 Specifications

Here, Tuf is written and the TUF logo is changed now. Here, TUF is written and notification LEDs are present. This is the view from the bottom, There are more ventholes in this as compared to the previous one. And this is the speaker grill. The weight of this laptop is 2.3 KGs, Weight distribution is impressive. The lid opens up with just one hand. After opening, These are the vents above the keyboard. Airflow is going to be good in this.

You will be shocked after watching the thermals of this laptop. In terms of ports, On the left side, you get a Power input port, 1 RJ45 LAN port, 1 HDMI 2.0 port, 2 USB 3.2 Type-A GEN 1 ports. 1 USB 3.2 Type C GEN 2 port and one headphone/mic jack combo. On the right side, USB 3.2 GEN 1 Type-A port, 1 Air exhaust vent, and 1 Kensington lock. The vent on the right side has also been improved as compared to the 2021 TUF. It has 15.6 inches 1080P antiglare display with a 144Hz refresh rate That has 45% NTSC and 62.5% SRGB and 250 NITS brightness. So, If you are searching for a laptop with 100% SRGB in the price range of 70-80K, You are searching for the wrong thing.

Gaming reviews

Usually, You will get the same display in most laptops below Rs 1 Lakh. In terms of display output, the Internal display is connected with the IGPU i.e. AMD Radeon. HDMI port is also connected with the IGPU, But the Type C port is connected with the RTX 3050. You can watch there what is Nvidia Optimus, Battery saving, And why all this is given. The trackpad size is good, 2 dedicated clicks are given below. There were no issues while using it. You get a full-sized keyboard in this with Numpad.

It is an RGB Keyboard. You can customize it with the Armory crate software. If you want to control RGB on the go, You can press the fn+right/left arrow key. RGB effects will get changed. And for increasing/decreasing brightness, You can change that with fn+Arrow up/down keys. Keyboard’s feedback is good. Key taps are nice. There was no issue while typing and the RGB were looking amazing. Let me show you the Armory crate software. This is the interface after opening the software.

Here are all the stats, Memory Stats, Fan speed, Etc. And these are some options for locking windows key, Panel power saver, Etc. Panel power saver automatically decreases your laptop’s refresh rate to 60Hz when you disconnect the charger. You don’t have to do this manually. This option is available only in the 2021 variant. This is IGPU mode, After enabling this your EGPU i.e. RTX 3050 turns off completely and the laptop runs completely on CPU. This is used for battery saving, This is not a mux switch. MUX switch option is available only in the Legion in the budget segment.

Rest, You have Keyboard light options. These are Game Visuals, you can change them accordingly. It changes the display’s colors. There are more features that you will get to know when you use this. Overall the application is good. The battery is the most appreciable thing in this laptop.

It has a 90WHR full-sized battery. You don’t get an HDD slot in this. We put this on 60Hz for checking the battery. IGPU mode was disabled. So, The GPU was working and We used it on 50% brightness with the keyboard backlight off. We got 4.5-5 hours backup in that, Which is very impressive for a gaming laptop. Comparing it with the HP victus. Victus has a 75 WHR battery. This one has 90WHR, So this will provide a better battery backup.

Asus TUF A15 RTX 3050 Audio test

This is the Webcam and Audio test. There are 2 microphones besides the webcam. This will be the quality if you attend a video conference, Online class, Etc. Listen to this sound sample. It has 2 speakers of 2W each, Both are down-firing. So, it is better to use on flat surfaces for better audio quality. Speaker loudness is average. Clarity is good Some bass is also there. Overall, We found the speakers satisfactory. You are spending 75000 rupees on this, So you might be curious about the future upgrades. It has 2 RAM slots, One is occupied because it has 8 GB RAM. You can simply upgrade it to 16GB by getting an 8GB RAM stick. It supports a maximum upgrade of 32 GB, For that, you have to fix 2 16GB RAM sticks.

The 8GB stick will get wasted. It has 2 SSD slots, One is occupied with 512 GB SSD and it supports a maximum of 2 TB per slot. That means it supports a maximum of 4TB SSD. That was all about the laptop, Now comes the most important part, that is performance.

Firstly listen to the scores, Then We will explain their uses. In Cinebench R23 test, the Multicore score was 11406 points and the single-core score was 1230 points. Then We ran Geekbench 5 CPU test, Single-core score was 1111 points and the multicore score was 4640 points. After that We ran 3D mark time spy test, Total score came out to be 5115 points. Above 5000 is considered a brilliant score.

Which graphics score was 4965 and 6179 was the CPU score. Some of you might be thinking if you have to tell the performance, Why do you tell the scores. These numbers are for those who want to compare this to other laptops. You can watch other reviews and compare the results. higher is better. Firstly, Let’s talk about 3D rendering, Architecture, and modeling. In the first place, We would recommend you upgrade The RAM to 16GB instantly for better performance.

Then comes students who want a laptop for Coding, College work. You can go for this blindly as it has 8 core Ryzen 7 processor. You won’t face any issues with any task. Then those who are into Photo/video Editing. You can edit any type of photo performance will be amazing. For video editing, you can edit 1080P as well as 4K videos. For 4K, We recommend you upgrade the RAM to 16GB.

Because as you start adding more layers with a 4K footage You can have some lag issues.

Otherwise, for 1080P videos, You can add as many layers as you want. You can edit upper-medium level 4K videos. But for the Advanced videos, you can face some issues.

Asus TUF A15 RTX 3050 experience

We are confirmed about video editing as We are also using TUF A15 with the same processor, It just has RTX 2060. So We know what kind of performance this CPU provides in terms of productivity. Some people ask for exporting time of 1080P, 4K videos. We personally observe how smooth is the experience while editing. If you edit a 2-3 hours video, After that, you won’t be able to work on it further after exporting it quickly. he rests for some time. So, Leave the exporting time for resting. And do something else in that time. Let’s move on to the gaming test, After that, we will talk about the conclusion.

Firstly, We are testing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on a medium preset. above that, it crosses the red line. On medium preset, We are getting 40-45 FPS.

CPU temperatures are also not very high. Also, this is not a CPU-intensive game. But performance-wise, We will say that it’s playable.

It has RTX 3050, 4GB graphics card so we can’t expect more. After that, We tested Farcry 5 on ultra preset, And on that, We were getting 60-65 FPS. Sometimes below 60 also. But usually, FPS was in between 50-60. You can see the CPU temperatures are around 88-89. 89 was the maximum. We didn’t saw it reaching 90 degrees. Then We tested Red Dead Redemption 2 on balance preset. We were getting 50 FPS on average. The game was playable, And you can see the CPU temperature. Thermals have been improved a lot in the new TUF series. Rest, After upgrading the RAM it will be more improved.

Asus TUF A15 RTX 3050 Review

Then we tested GTA V on recommended settings that were a mixture of high and very high. we were getting 70-80 FPS as expected. The gameplay was smooth. you can see all the stats on the screen. Then we tested COD Warzone on recommended settings that were a mixture of high and medium. It adjusts according to the GPU. We were slightly disappointed in a warzone, getting 50-60 FPS. We were expecting 60+ but then we thought it might be a server issue. Then for the confirmation, We played on my TUF laptop with RTX 2060. In that also we were getting a similar performance. So, Don’t rely on these results. Then we enabled DLSS but We were still getting the same performance. Then it was confirmed that this is a server issue.

We have tested laptops with 1650, They also provide 70+ FPS. So this is also capable of providing 70+ FPS. then We tested Valorant on high settings on high settings. We were getting 90-100+ FPS. And you can see the CPU temperature. Today my room temperature is around 28-30 degrees. And in all the older videos it was around 25-27 degrees. And this is the lowest temperature laptop that We are reviewing In the current generation of laptops. So, We literally impressed with this laptop. If you want to do casual gaming and have a budget of 70-80K, There can be no better option than this. You might be thinking about the DLSS feature.

Asus TUF A15 RTX 3050 Test

So, We tested CyberPunk on medium settings. And We were getting an average of 30 FPS just like 1650. After that, We set DLSS to auto. There was a slight boost in the performance and FPS. We were getting 35+ FPS, DLSS will help you slightly. And those who are thinking to enjoy Ray tracing in RTX 3050, Forget that. We played CyberPunk with Ray tracing On And you can see the FPS are 18-22. The Maximum was 25 FPS. We will consider this as non-playable. So specifically there is no such performance difference in 1650 and 3050. You can go for either of them. you will get the benefit of DLSS on RTX 3050, And all the future games will definitely support DLSS.

So, You can get slightly more FPS on 3050 as compared to GTX 1650. SO guys you saw everything, Now comes the conclusion. And this is the most crucial part don’t skip this. First of all, let me answer the questions. Is this better than Victus or not? Victus has Ryzen 5 5600H with RTX 3050 but this one has Ryzen 7 4800H. This is better than Victus in terms of Battery, Build quality, Thermals. So you can buy this. Second question:- Which is the best laptop between 70-80K? As of now, This laptop is the best. If your budget is 65-70K you can increase your budget a little bit and buy this. And one main question:- 1660TI vs 3050? There are some videos on this topic.

You can see the actual results. We would say 1660TI and 3050 both are good at their places. In 3050 you will get more Cuda cores and in 1660TI you will get more VRAM. In 3050 you will get the benefit of DLSS and Ray tracing that you won’t get in 1660TI. We personally recommend you to go for 3050, But if you are a casual gamer you can buy any one of them.

You saw the thermals, Thermals are similar to Nitro. And sometimes it was performed better than Nitro. Even if you compare this with nitro 5 Ryzen 5 5600H, RTX 3050. Then also We will recommend you this laptop. Are you waiting for any cons? What else do you want in 75000 rupees? Last time just like Legion was in great demand this is going to be the same. Until Legion launches variants with 3050 and Ryzen 5/7, This will be in great demand and you will find this Out of stock every time.

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