AMD is working to resolve the fTPM Poor performance Issues

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Users around the internet have been upset by sporadic stuttering difficulties that include things like unexpected freezing, rapid performance dips and latency spikes.

These problems appear to be impacting AMD computers and are difficult to reproduce due to their sporadic nature. Thankfully, AMD appears to have narrowed down the issue to its firmware TPM.

“AMD has determined that select AMD RyzenTM system configurations may intermittently perform extended fTPM-related memory transactions in SPI flash memory (“SPIROM”) located on the motherboard, which can lead to temporary pauses in system interactivity or responsiveness until the transaction is completed,” AMD said on its website (via TechPowerUp).

AMD continues by stating that BIOS updates will begin in May 2022. That’ll be two months from now! In the meanwhile, you can buy a hardware TPM module to get around the problem. These are commonly accessible, but before you do that, check to see if your motherboard supports hardware TPM, which, if enabled, implies you shouldn’t be encountering any troubles anyhow.

TPM has been in one form or another for many years, mainly in the enterprise sphere, but many desktop users and gamers would have first come across it when Microsoft stated that it would be a necessity for Windows 11. Its explanation is that firmware and virus attacks, including ransomware attacks, are becoming more common.

Many of these attacks are on Windows machines owing to market saturation.

It’s all a little perplexing. Microsoft’s PC Health Check programme can be used to check if the system has TPM available. Add in the need for a modern CPU, the perplexing nomenclature, and now random performance issues, and we’re left wondering if TPM is worth the trouble. If you don’t want it, you can always use this workaround to avoid the requirement when upgrading from Windows 10.

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