Acer Predator Helios 300 | I7 10870H RTX 3060 | Latest Review

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We are reviewing predator for the third time, predator is written on the front side on the black color box reviews of Helios 2020 as well as Triton 300 , unboxing experience of every laptop is same therefore we are feeling familiar 2 small boxes were there inside this large box, and these are the user manuals, PLANET9 stickers are also given you will get one power cord, one 230 Watt power adapter,

And with this variant HDD clip is also provided, Because this one is an SSD variant,HDD is not installed in this but 1TB SSD is provided. now coming over the specifications, It has Intel I7 10th gen processor {I7 10870H} with 8 cores and 16 threads RTX 3060 105W GPU, 1TB SSD and 16GB 2933 MHZ RAM Here predator is written in blue color, Another packing inside the primary packing in black curtains, keep the curtain on don’t lift the curtain but we will lift it.

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This is the outer look of the laptop, It feels so premium Its weight is approximately 2.2 Kgs,and that is justified because it is a powerful gaming laptop.

 Top lid is of metal, As you can see, lid flex is acceptable, Also Predator’s build quality is usually good The keyboard flex

is also minor,The inner build is also of metal, Built in Alexa branding is there on the left side core I7 branding and GEFORCE RTX branding are also there, so you will get built in Alexa with this laptop on the right side predator Helios 300 is written And rest all are the key highlights, which we will explain you later when we boot the laptop the keyboard lights up in 4 zones First one is blue, And this is the boot sound that comes with the Predator logo,As this is a 15.6 inches laptop,

So it comes with a full size keyboard which includes 4 zone RGB you can customize it easily through the predator sense software, you can use same/different colors in all the 4 zones.

You can also use breathing effect, Wave effect it consists of a lot of effects which you can use accordingly we personally liked the Predator sense software, As it is user friendly and has a lot of features.

In this you can monitor the laptop, Overclock the GPU. GPU overclocking can be done by Predator sense software as well as with this turbo button, after pressing it laptop automatically switches to the turbo mode, Fans will run at maximum speed and the GPU would be overclocked We will completely test the turbo mode during gaming, what kind of performance it provides?

 Rest the trackpad also comes with good finishing, size is good enough, And feels good to use And it supports all the basic windows 10 gestures.

Now,let’s have a look on the ports, on the left side you get a Kensington lock, one air exhaust vent one RJ45 port, 2 USB 3.2 ports and one headphone and mic jack combo On the right side you get a type C 3.2 port one USB type A 3.2 port and a charge out port as you can see USB is highlighted here After that we have the HDMI port and then the mini display port Many people are confused with the charge out port, But the main function of this charge out port is that, Even if you connect USB to this when the laptop is shut down, Still it will charge your phone, and other accessories It’s not that your battery is affected by this until and unless you consume power from the battery .

Now, The function of HDMI port and mini display port is same you can connect external display to both mini display port comes with an adapter, so you can setup triple display with this and the laptop’s display that is connected to the IGPU i.e. onboard GPU and not NVIDIA, So if you use an external monitor Then you will get better FPS but you will also get good FPS with the laptop’s display as it has RTX 3060 GPU and the main part of this laptop is its display display colors are really good because it comes with 72% NTSC which is equal to 99% SRGB, It has a 1080P panel that comes with 144Hz refresh rate and 3ms response time So it is going to perform amazing in Esports, we played Valorant and it was performing very good.

We will show the complete gaming performance in the gaming test. It also comes with 300 NITS brightness display, So all the content creators, photo editors, video editors can obviously go for this laptop, we know that it is quite expensive but the features that it provides justifies the price,and we will not talk about the price as the prices are fluctuating a lot, we will provide the links in the description you will get to know updated prices there Now don’t say that we don’t tell prices,

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You will get WiFi V6 and Bluetooth V5.1 in this laptop. and Killer Ethernet E2600 is given, So if you use internet through LAN then you will get good speed, and in Esports Killer Ethernet is preferred Now comes the webcam , It comes with a basic 720P webcam  As you are purchasing an expensive laptop, So you will also think about the future upgradations So in this model you can upgrade one HDD, one SSD also one SSD is already there in the laptop. that means you will get one HDD slot, 2 SSD slots and 2 ram slots. one ram slot is already occupied by a 16GB RAM, it comes with single channel RAM,and you can further upgrade it to 32 gb, And everyone knows that dual channel RAM performs better than single channel RAM. should not think about the battery backup of gaming laptops as they usually don’t deliver a good backup you get a 59WHR battery in this laptop, We used it for browsing and watching videos keyboards lights were off, Display brightness was around 50% and we got approximately 2.5-3 hours backup with this which is not good but also not that bad, Also it varies as in our laptop no other apps were running in the background, It may happen that in your laptop a lot of applications are installed and you get a lesser battery backup still it will give you at least 2 hours of backup.

Which is a plus point When it comes to sound, So we didn’t like the Predator 2020 and this laptop’s speakers are also average. some of you are confused about the thermals of the laptop so let me tell you, we played COD warzone as you can see the CPU temperatures were fluctuating around 90 degrees and the GPU temperatures were fluctuating around 80 degrees when we were playing at 30 degrees room temperature, after that we turned on A/C then the room temperature was around 20-22 degrees the temperatures were dropped as you can see on the screen.

As it has metal body and intel 10th gen processor so it will heat up more, and if you have A/C at your home then there are no issues although these processors are built that they are not affected even at 90-95 degrees, but yes if you are doing heavy tasks like rendering, gaming for continuously 7-8 hours only then it will it will affect the CPU otherwise even if you use it for 4-5 hours at 90 degrees+ temperatures Still it doesn’t affect the CPU, We use our TUF A15 RTX 2060 model we continuously stream for 4-5 hours from the past 7-8 months, So there are no issues at all,these processors are built to endure.

 Its Cinebench R23 multicore scores lie between 8500-9000 PTS and single core scores lie between 1200-1300 PTS and today we are telling approx. values because many people were messaging me on Instagram that your laptop’s scores are better than mine, but the thing is that these cinebench scores differ from time to time depending on the condition in which laptop is being used, depending on the number of apps that are installed also depending on the temperature of surroundings and the time when you are testing it. you will never get exactly same scores, that’s why we are saying 8500-9000 points. Now let me explain the cinebench scores, it actually tells about the capability of your CPU. Higher the scores better the CPU. So if you want to compare this to any other CPU, just type its name on google and end it with cinebench R23 scores.

 You will get all the scores and you can compare easily. see only R23 scores if you are watching this video,R23 is latest.

And one more thing people ask me to suggest laptops for architecture, editing, etc See, Remember one thing every software has minimum system requirements, If you are joining an institute, Ask them about the minimum requirements for the softwares , that you are going to use. We can’t run each and every software and show it to you. It’s not possible to create architecture designs.

We can edit videos that is our work but we can’t do the rest But the high end laptops that cost above Rs 1lakh, are capable of doing everything, all you have to know is specifications of your software,Find a laptop that match your requirements and purchase it.

That’s it After that comes the gaming part..and we won’t bore you today most of you say that We play BG music and then we are unable to understand So the first game we tested was COD Warzone, and the recommended settings were a mixture of high and ultra and the gaming performance was really ultimate. you can yourself see we are getting 70-80+ FPS response time is 3ms and the gameplay is very smooth and all these games are tested on 30 degrees room temperature with turbo mode enabled.

And MSI afterburner stats are available on the top GPU temperature,GPU usage,GPU TDP, TDP fluctuates according to the demand of the game can go upto a maximum of 105 Watts, But in all the games that we tested it didn’t jump over 100.

We already updated to the latest version still it was showing 105 Watts in NVIDIA control panel. when it comes to popular games then obviously we will test Valorant, we tested Valorant on high settings and in Valorant also we were getting 140+ FPS, Although Valorant is CPU demanding game. as you can also see the GPU usage is very low.

Valorant runs mainly on RAM and CPU, a heavy GPU is not required even though according to the CPU the FPS we are getting are really ultimate and keep one thing in mind, FPS will differ in deathmatch, spike rush, and all other modes.

After that the third game is assassin’s creed valhala, In this the graphics were already set to ultra high i.e. the highest and all these games have been tested continuously without any breaks in between and they were tested in the same chronology 1.COD warzone 2.Valorant 3.Assassin’s creed valhala on ultra high settings we were getting around 50-60 FPS on valhala next game is Days gone which is launched recently and is now available for PCs also we tested this game on high settings.

On high settings we were getting 70-80+ FPS and In some areas they crossed 90-100 FPS also and one more thing, CPU and GPU temperature were high only in COD warzone rest in all the games the CPU temperatures were around 70-80 degrees and even if they rise above 80 degrees still there is no issue, But if the GPU temperatures rise above 80 then GPU throttles a little bit if you have observed the games in which GPU temperature rose above 80 degrees the GPU usage was decreased, In our case GPU throttled because of temperature and single channel RAM.

We suggest that if you are panning to buy this laptop, you should upgrade the RAM to 32GB after that Its performance will definitely improve a lot. after that we tested in game benchmarks in Far cry 5, So we were getting 80-90+ FPS in Far cry 5. after that we tested red dead redemption 2, And the graphic preset was set to balanced and if we increase the graphics further, The GPU usage rises and FPS begin to drop a lot however, you can call it ultra settings and 50-60FPS in red dead redemption 2

. If you are new to gaming and haven’t played red dead redemption 2, just play it once on our recommendation, the graphics, storyline everything is way too good, As it is developed by Rockstar games. the game is awesome.

Now let’s talk about the conclusion, according to me the temperatures will obviously rise As it has a powerful CPU with 8 cores, and a powerful GPU.

 GPU and CPU both are power consuming, CPU has 8 cores plus it is an Intel CPU, so increase in temperatures is normal, you get metal body in this laptop, on one hand it looks premium but on the other hand it has temperature problem,If you have to do intensive work,streaming continuously for 7-8 hours.

 For that a cooling pad and A/C room is our suggestion But if you are a casual gamer and want to edit,render also you can go for this, We are suggesting that just buy it.

And now legion will also launch with RTX 3000 series GPU and Ryzen 5000 series CPU,

it will be a good option. legion’s cooling is way better than this laptop, rest overall this laptop is good. but still we will consider it as a con.. Now you have to decide according to your usage, what is your purpose,and should you purchase this or not.

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