14 Key Points To Consider AFTER Buying a Gaming Laptop | 2021 Guide

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We gave a lot of Laptop buying advice. Is the laptop that you have bought working properly, If you get to know about the issues after the replacement period, Then you have to go to the service center. In this article, We will cover 14-15 points regarding this, If we miss any point, please mention it in the comment section. We have kept the laptop so that we can explain everything to you.

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When you receive the laptop don’t get over-excited, If the laptop is broken or if you get an empty box then it will be very difficult to return or replace it. Keep a camera/mobile ready with you before unboxing the laptop. If you don’t have a tripod, You can ask your family members to hold it. You have to open the box from scratch. In case of any scam, It would be easy for you to claim the replacement if you have the video.

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Don’t stop the recording after unboxing, Check the outers of the laptop. You can check all the corners, In the case of a used laptop, The corners will be worn, And maybe broken. After this, You can stop recording. After that comes the charger, Plug in the charger to see whether it is working perfectly or not.

By this, you will get the confirmation of both, The charging port as well as the adapter, power cord. Then start your laptop and set up the windows, It is very easy. After all this, You have to check if the variant that you received is the same as you ordered or not. nowadays, There are a lot of variants available in the market, 4-5 variants with Ryzen and 4-5 variants with Intel. Let me show you how can you check that.

Turn on your laptop, For model confirmation, you have to compare the specs. You have to check CPU, GPU, RAM, STORAGE. Right-click on the taskbar and open task manager. Go to the second tab i.e. “PERFORMANCE”. Here you will get the details about your laptop. For example, my laptop’s CPU is AMD Ryzen 5 4600H. After that memory i.e. RAM. We have 8 GB RAM, After that disk, Disk 0 is usually the hard disk, and Disk 1 is the SSD. This is our 932 GB hard disk . On-disk 1 there is a 256GB Samsung SSD. Then you have to check the GPU, Whether it is the same or not. Below WiFi, you can see GPU.

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It is written “NVIDIA Geforce 1650TI”. We have the same model 1050ax with a 1TB HDD and 256GB SSD. These key points are for every laptop not just for gaming laptops, Just exclude some points that are specifically for gaming laptops. After that comes the keyboard backlight, Keyboard usually lights up instantly after starting the laptop. In case it doesn’t light up, Press the backlight shortcut.

For example, in the HP Pavilion, you have to press function key+f5. It is a shortcut for enabling/disabling or changing the brightness of the backlight. In case it doesn’t even light up after this, You can replace the laptop. In all high-end gaming laptops, original windows are pre-installed To check it first of all you have to check its activation. Right-click on “THIS PC” and go to properties, You can see Windows is activated. Sometimes the windows are not active but it activates as soon as you connect your laptop to the internet. If it doesn’t get activated, And 30 days trial is written then it’s pirated, Place a return request immediately.


After this, you have to check the Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Simply connect your PC to WiFi and then connect any wireless Speaker/headphones with your PC. Then you have to check the GPU and CPU usage, You can run any heavy graphics game and monitor through MSI afterburner or NZXT cam. If you are a beginner we recommend NZXT cam MSI afterburner is a bit complicated, You can use this application.

Let me show you how to use this application. After opening, you will get this type of interface, Just go to overlay and select “LARGE” from the options, This will display the stats larger. You can see FPS, CPU, GPU, RAM options are there on the panel, These 4 things are enough we only have to check CPU and GPU usage. When running a game, Just press CTRL+O and the monitoring will be visible to you.

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CPU temperatures shouldn’t rise above 90 degrees, Even 92 is okay. If the CPU temperature rises above 95 degrees, You should return the laptop. GPU usage must go above 90%. When playing any AAA title make sure that the GPU usage rises above 90%. This will confirm that the GPU is being utilized properly and you will get good FPS, In case the GPU is not utilized completely, There is a defect in the laptop and you will not get good FPS.

After that, you can check the webcam and mic, If you are buying a laptop for online classes or work from home, then a webcam becomes a necessity. For the webcam, press the start button and search the camera and open it. You can record a video, Both the webcam and the mic will be checked in the recording. Usually, everyone uses headphones, but still, you are paying for them so you should check them.

Then you have to check the trackpad, Till now you must have checked the trackpad already. After that comes the keyboard, You will use the normal keys while typing but some keys that are used rarely, You must check those. Suppose you get to know after a month that a key is not working, Then you have to go to the service center, But replacing it in the initial days is a better choice.

So, You have to type the keyboard tester on google, Open the first link and click “launch the tester”. The keys on the screen will turn green after you press them on the keyboard. Some keys are not given on the laptop, fn keys are used for that. Don’t return without confirming. After that you can check the display, You can do the screen bleeding test. Let me explain to you how can you do that. Type “Screen bleeding test” on google, open the first link, and click on “Click here”. Your screen will turn completely black.

You will get a little bit of screen bleeding in all the IPS panels, If your laptop’s display has a lot of screen bleeding then you may return it. Screen bleeding is visible only in darkness and in the darker portions of the display. After this, you have to do a dead pixel test. The screen is visible through a lot of pixels, If any pixel is dead then that part of the screen will be discolored. Type “dead pixel test” on google, and open the first website then click on “start test”. As you can see, the screen has turned completely white, If there would’ve been a dead pixel then it will be visible in any other color.

Now it has turned black, You can check this in different colors. After completing press the escape key. Then you should check the speakers, You can go to sound settings for the left-right speaker-test, But this is a complicated method. You can simply type left-right speaker test on google, You can also search on youtube. When the right one will shake, the sound will come from the right speaker.

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And the same for the left speaker. By this, you will get a confirmation about the speakers. After that, You have to check all the ports. You can transfer data from phone to PC, Charge your mobile through PC. SD card you can insert and check SD card slot. Then you can check the RJ45 port LAN port if you have WiFi at your home or you can go to your friend’s place or any cyber cafe and connect it.

Rest, you can check the HDMI port, If you have a set-top box you can connect it to the set-top box and check it. Rest, if your laptop has the mini display port, You can check that also but you have to purchase an adapter for that. Adapter costs around Rs 400-500. Then comes the fans, Check whether both the fans are working properly or not. The last thing is the warranty, Many people are confused about how to get the warranty.

You can claim the warranty by 2 methods, Firstly, when you purchase the laptop from online/offline stores you get an invoice from them. You can download Amazon or Flipkart invoices directly from my orders. And if you’re purchasing from a shop, you will get an invoice there. Rest, you might know that every laptop has a serial number, Your laptop gets registered for a warranty when you connect it to the internet for the first time. Whenever you go to a service center, They check when was the laptop connected to the internet for the first time.

You can also confirm the warranty by calling the service center and telling them your serial number. You can also register the laptop on the brand’s official website but it’s a complicated process and isn’t needed also. We figured out only these points, If we missed something please tell me in the comment section.

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